Welcoming Wattpad

As I was starting the early stages for this post I knew that there were many things that I felt I just had to share with you guys. Mainly why Wattpad is so meaningful to some people but also some personal thoughts I had on writing. So as you read know that I have tried to the very best of my ability to explain my exact thinking.

Wattpad is a wonderful website for readers and writers alike. It launched about 11 years ago and creates a storytelling community where users can publish their novels, poems, fanfiction, or short-stories. On the other hand users also have the access to other amazing works at their fingertips. The Wattpad community has all levels of writers and gives every person an equal chance to write popular works. Works are published under genre categories allowing you to easily find something that you will love. Much like Goodreads, one will get recommendations based on works you have read. Many like myself will fall in love with certain authors whom you can follow and read every book they write as the chapters come (there is only a few that I do this for). The best thing about Wattpad is the Watty Awards every year. The awards vote for the best work in many different categories and those who win get more reading views and votes on their books. For me personally seeing a piece that has won the Watty Awards is like the best review a book can have. If a public population has voted on and loved that work so much then it’s gotta be good.

Like many good books, Wattpad came to me through word of mouth. I’d had a high school friend who dabbled in writing and she would post her works to Wattpad. That very day I signed up and although I have published barely anything I have been devouring books like no tomorrow.

My favorite thing about Wattpad is not just the novels themselves but the people behind them. Wattpad has a great sense of community and I feel as if writers can feel that. More than not people are giving strong encouragement and critical construction instead of beating an author down. And this is important because it’s hard to write anything that you feel so passionate about and put it in the public eye. And many of these authors use Wattpad because they have a dream of one day the possibility of getting published but in the meantime they still want to write and share.

And trust me things don’t always stay on Wattpad. Just recently a Wattpad author under the name HonorInTheRain published her work In 27 Days with Blink YA! She had started writing the novel when she was sixteen and it became a Watty Award winner in 2012. And the reason this work is slightly more dear to my heart than others is because this was the very first book that I ever read on Wattpad. It was the novel that kinda showed that this site was for real and these people had some serious talent. Y’all should go buy and read her book! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

See ya in the A.M.


“Chase after the dream don’t chase after the money.”

-Old Dominion


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