The Book That Made Me a Reader

When I was younger I wanted to be exactly like my older brother, Stephen, so when he grew to love reading so did I. At the time I considered myself an advanced reader but I hadn’t found MY book. You know the book that makes you fall in love with reading.

I’ve always believed that those who don’t like to read just haven’t found THEIR book yet.

My Grandpa Sky was always real big on encouraging my new found love of reading by buying books he thought I would like almost every Christmas. If he never found any a handy Barnes and Noble gift card would always take its place. At Christmas about 12 years ago he bought me the first book of Sisters Grimm by Michael Buckley.

The story surrounds two sisters, Sabrina and Daphne Grimm, who traveled through many foster homes after their parents mysteriously disappear leaving behind a single red handprint. In the end they move in with their supposedly long dead grandmother in a town called Ferryport Landing. Sabrina and Daphne learn about the family business as detectives, Fairy-Tale detectives that is. Ferryport is filled with fairy tale characters who are referred to as Everafters. And as long as a Grimm lives within the magical barriers surrounding the town all the Everafters inside cannot leave.

This series turned out to be MY book or books I guess because after that there wasn’t a novel I couldn’t keep my hands off of. During that summer I spent most if not all of my time at the library gathering books and making friends with the librarians (many of whom I still converse with today). It was also during this time that I read the Harry Potter series for the very first time by myself. Ever since then it has been an integral aspect of my life and a series that I will always always always go back to.

I’d love to know what YOUR book was?

P.S. I’m currently re-reading this series just for the fun of it!

See ya in the A.M.



“One should never underestimate the power of books.”

-Paul Auster, The Brooklynn Follies

Featured Photo Credit: Photo by Taylor Bryant on Unsplash


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